Paul Cumpsty (Jnr)

Cover driver

  • Set up Bay Transfers In 2010 with father Paul Cumpsty (Snr).
  • Part time / cover driver now as full time occupation is a Production Manager in the manufacturing industry, (2010 – 2013 was very hands on but he’s stepped back now).
  • Majority of the Bay Transfers vehicle maintenance is carried out by Paul.

When not working as a production manager, Paul (Jnr) can be found helping out with the Airport Transfers or undergoing some serious DIY projects at home, Paul’s big passion is cars and he loves to maintain, rebuild and own performance vehicles and also finds himself maintaining all the taxis.

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Sending Emails World Record 100%
Mechanical Engineering 100%
Technology Fan 95%
Welding 93%
Cooking Skills 15%